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In 2007, Delixi set up Seade International Mining Group (SEADE) in Beijing. It is primarily engaged in the business of investing in and managing energy and mineral resources and integrates prospecting, mining, dressing, smelting, research and trade. It has four subsidiaries and has acquired three mining rights and three prospecting rights. Mineral resources owned by it include coal resources in Huangshan Village, Lucaoquan, Dingjiawan and Sigonghe in Fukang, Xinjiang, stone coal (vanadium) ores in Huluping and Xi Village in Jingzhou County, etc. Delixi has also taken a stake in a number of national key projects such as Xinjiang Kuishan Baota Petrochemical and Qingshan Iron & Steel and Copper Smelting.

Seade international mining group Kuishan Baota petrochemical Qingshan Steel
Seade international mining group
SEADE International Mining Group, founded on January 26, 2007, is an investment platform for Delixi Group to develop mineral resources, which is specializing in investing in and operating energy and mineral resources. It integrates exploration, mining, beneficiation, smelting, research and trade for reasonable development and utilization of mineral resources. The Group implements standard management and promotes technological progress in accordance with the operation mode and management experience of the international benchmarking mining companies.
With twelve affiliated companies in total, the Group has obtained 6 mining licenses and 19 prospecting licenses with the exploration rights total area of up to 450 square kilometers, involving coal, gold, copper, lead and zinc, molybdenum and other minerals species, of which coking coal reserves are about 500 million tons.
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