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The electrical industry is the major business of Delixi. After nearly 30 years of development, Delixi has built up a complete electrical product portfolio p which covers high, medium and low-voltage transmission and distribution and industrial automation and control. Delixi is committed to building internationally advanced electrical manufacturing bases and constantly bringing in internationally advanced assembly lines. Delixi has built up a transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing base in Shanghai, a low-voltage distribution and industrial control manufacturing base in Wenzhou and a household electrical and intelligent industrial electrical apparatus manufacturing base in Hangzhou. Delixi's electrical products have played an important role in major projects in a dozen of national key industries such as national defense, aerospace, aviation, power, construction, metallurgy, transportation and petroleum & petrochemicals.

Delixi Electric Co. Ltd. Shanghai Delixi Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd. Delixi electrical in major projects
Delixi (Wenzhou) Low-Voltage Distribution and Industrial Control Manufacturing Base

Sino-French joint venture Delixi Electric Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise that specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of low-voltage electrical distribution and industrial control products and the industry leader in in China. Delixi Electric has three manufacturing bases located in Liushi, Ningbo and Wuhu respectively, one customer service center, one research and development base, hundreds of R & D personnel and a perfect sales service system.

Delixi Electric is committed to providing excellent electrical products and solutions for customers around the world. By all measues of improving the quality of control system, distribution network, controlling costs, customer service quality and management levels. Delixi Electric tseeks to create a unique new Chinese electrical business model.

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