• Excellence
  • Be consumer-oriented and have a thorough understanding of consumer needs; go to the source and have a complete grasp of the supply network; strictly control the process of whole value chain. Make every job and every link a model of excellence.
    Only excellent technology can make excellent products; only excellent services can deliver excellent quality.

  • Efficiency
  • One center: efficiency is the center of everything we do.
    Two basic points: always do the right things; always do things right.
    Three principles: systematic thinking, standardized operation, people-oriented management.

  • Cooperation
  • Mutual respect between individuals; mutual tolerance between new hires and long-serving employees; mutual trust between superiors and subordinates; mutual support between departments; coordination between units. There are no boundaries and limits when it comes to cooperation.

  • Responsibility
  • Be willing to invest - whoever sows will reap.
    Be tough - whoever endures trials and hardships will make progress.
    Be enterprising - whoever struggles will grow.
    Be professional – whoever innovates will stand out
    Be honest – whoever makes a promise shall fulfill his promise.

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