With a registered capital of 2 billion yuan, Delixi Group is a large group integrating capital operation, brand operation and industry operation. The Group currently has 21,000 employees, more than 70 subsidiaries and over 1,000 cooperative companies. Delixi is reckoned among China's top 500 enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength and holds a leading position among China's top 500 private enterprises. It mainly operates in such industries as electrical,high-tech, energy and mining, transportation, environmental engineering, the real estate and logistics.

Delixi actively implements a performance excellence model, insists on quality as the basis for brand creation and has won such honors as China Top Brand, the China Quality Management Award and National Civilized Unit.
Relying on technological innovation, Delixi boasts a consistent record of providing customers with quality products and services; upon approval, it set up a postdoctoral research station to explore cutting-edge issues; it has a state-level enterprise technology center, which is the first of its kind among manufacturers in the industry in China and has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award three times; its electrical products have made their way into hundreds of major projects and foreign aid projects in a dozen of key industries such as national defense, metallurgy, transportation and petrochemicals and contributed to China's aerospace industry for the launch of "Shenzhou","Chang'e" and "Beidou".

In striving to carry out its mission of "paying back mankind with virtue for a better future", Delixi has contributed a total of two hundred million yuan in cash and in-kind to society for education, charity, environmental protection and other public welfare undertakings, earning itself the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Chinese Charities.

Delixi's development strategy: adhere to scientific development, implement strategic management, establish a leading position in the electrical industry, the high-tech industry and the energy and mining industry and strive to become an internationally renowned enterprise group with leading core business and comprehensive competitive edge.



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